Namahe, the first blockchain technology-based supply chain solution, has announced a new partnership with Adqura, a recognized provider of real-time decision-making solutions, to help develop the IA component of its new Platform to be launched next year. This adds to their existing collaborations with TensorFlow (Google) and IBM’s Hyperledger.

Namahe incorporates IA and blockchain technology to produce a safe ecosystem, where companies can save on costly audits and improve efficiency in their supply chains.

While blockchain will bring transparency to the value chains, Namahe expects IA to produce an automated decision-making system capable of real-time adjustments to the supply chain. Therefore, the Namahe platform will be able to implement corrective measures in real time and even generate predictions for future markets, reducing waste and improving productivity.

Sameer Prakash, co-founder and Director of Adqura, said about the association;

“At Adqura, we are at the forefront of the use of IA and decision-making intelligence to provide innovative solutions in our rapidly evolving digital world. We are excited to partner with Namahe and provide our expertise to build a leading intelligent Blockchain platform in its class. ”

Kumar Mudaliar, co-founder of Namahe, was also available to comment;

“With the Namahe platform, our goal is to massively modernize the industries involved in the supply chain by incorporating an AI layer into the mix.”

The brands that adopt the Namahe solution will show the total transparency of their supply chain, avoiding negative publicity, saving millions in large audits and maintaining customer loyalty. Namahe estimates that the market of its platform will approach $350 million dollars per year for 2020.

Namahe launched the first phase of its crowdfunding, with its NMH token available for purchase in a public pre-sale at The first investors can take advantage of a 20% discount during the first two weeks.

More about NAMAHE and IA
Namahe will increase the efficiency of supply chains by allowing this layer of IA to monitor without interruption the supply chain in real time, looking for anomalies in the patterns to detect frauds, delays and unusual events, and marking the data For review.

Over time, this system will expand its skill set using automatic learning libraries and is expected to quickly reach a level where it can act autonomously, reacting to events much faster than previously possible Based on the confidence of their observations, and finally be able to predict on future markets.

Namahe was founded in 2010 by Ajay Lakhwani and Kumar Mudaliar. The company is now headquartered in Singapore and employs an international team of 10. Namahe wants to take advantage of blockchain and IA to revolutionize the management of the supply chain. The brands that adopt Namahe will allow the transparency and security of its supply chain, therefore, saving big in audits and assuring the ethical origin. Namahe represents a great opportunity to introduce a disruptive idea that addresses both the inefficiencies in the value chain and social inequalities. In May 2018, Namahe received the “Best brand of the world 2017-2018 in Asia” award in the category technology and sustainability.

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